Admissions: Application Process

Click here to download information on the application process.


Step 1: Application and Application Fee

Click on the Application Form button.  Follow the detailed step-by-step instructions and complete the Application Form in its entirety.  Upon completion, submit via email to along with the $200 non-refundable application fee.


Step 2: Student Interview

As soon as our Admissions Office receives your application and application fee, we will be in touch with you to set up an interview in person, via Skype, Facetime, QQ, telephone or other convenient medium.  Interviews generally last 15 to 20 minutes and are informal, allowing us to get to know you.


Step 3: Official School Transcripts

We require a copy of the applicant’s final transcripts from the previous two academic years, in addition to any report cards from the current in-progress academic year.  A final transcript from the current academic year must be submitted once the academic year has been completed.


Step 4: Personal Profile

Applicants are required to submit a 300 word personal profile in their own handwriting, outlining their academic goals and interests, extracurricular activities, community involvement and areas of distinction or achievement.  This can be done as part of the Student Interview process (Step 1), or separately.  Personal Profiles are to be submitted to if not done during the Student Interview.


Step 5: Confidential Reference

The Confidential Reference will be emailed to you after the application form and application fee have been submitted.  Once you receive the Confidential Reference it must be submitted to your Principal or English teacher for completion and returned to directly from the Principal or English teacher.  Detailed instructions are provided on the Confidential Reference form.


Step 6: Entrance Exam

Applicants are required to complete an Entrance Exam.  The exam will be sent to you with instructions from our Admissions Office once the Student Interview has been conducted.


NOTE: the Steps of the Application Process may be executed in any order once the application form and application fee are received.


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