About: Why we are different

The Day Student 

FPC is an ideal choice for local students who wish to study at a small and caring private school, wherein they will be offered individual and personized attention from teachers. Our students benefit from:

  • our teachers’ commitment to ensuring their academic success

  • the opportunity to redefine oneself

  • our dedication to ensuring a student is adequately prepared to enter university/college

  • making friends and lifelong connections from around the world

  • a truly nurturing and happy high school experience




The International Student

FPC’s international students excel within our sensitive and caring environment. We ensure that all students’ academic, cultural, and social needs are met, while ensuring that our international students gain:

  • a strong understanding of the Canadian school system and its expectations 

  • academic excellence through the study of the world recognized Ontario high school curriculum

  • the necessary tools to become academically and linguistically successful

  • preparation to enter top North American universities and colleges

  • the opportunity to study in a safe and nurturing setting