About: Why we are different - INTERNATIONAL

English-Only Environment

Students are fully immersed (within the school and the town) in an English-only environment; students, therefore, will maximise their English language acquisition.


Fulford is Focused on
International Students

The curriculum and environment at FPC is set up in a way to accommodate international students, in that we not only ensure that they are able to enter the academic classroom, but we also aim to ensure their success within that classroom as well.


Classroom Technology

Each FPC classroom is equipped with the latest in educational equipment, which will make the learning experience more interactive and enjoyable for students, thereby increasing knowledge retention.


Small Class Sizes of 5 - 10 students

Maximum attention is allotted to each student, which ensures the highest success rate possible.


Above Standard Accommodation

Fulford Preparatory College is set up to accommodate 2 students per bedroom, which is quite spacious (310 - 439 square feet, or 29 - 41 square meters). Each room is air conditioned, offers a queen sized bed for each student, and is also equipped with its own ensuite bathroom. These rooms ensure maximum comfort for our students during relaxation times, and more privacy than what is standard in most boarding schools.

Recreation Areas

​FPC offers an assortment of recreational areas in which the students are able to make the most of their relaxation times whilst interacting with one another. FPC has several big-screen TVs, a large pool table, a foosball table, a customised card table, an electric piano, and a games room.

Recreational Sport

Through recreational sporting activities, our students gain the benefit of physical activity as well as interacting with fellow students and the community.

Support from Staff

Outside of the classroom, students also have structured study hours under a teacher’s supervision. If any student may be struggling with a subject, a teacher is on-hand to help; therefore, the student is able to maximise their success and minimise their stress with any homework.


Small, Family-like Environment

Fulford Preparatory College only accepts about 60 students, which allows for development of strong, personal relationships between our staff, students, and the families of the students.


Highly Qualified Staff

FPC teachers are highly qualified, with ESL certification as well as membership in the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT). Parents can be sure that their students are receiving the highest quality of education available.


Teaching Methods Suited
to International Students

Our teaching methods ensure that students understand subject content whilst utilising the English language within the classroom, thereby equipping students with the tools to become academically successful both within the Fulford environment, as well as the university/college environment.


Structured Schedule

​FPC students follow a typical boarding school daily schedule which allows them to adapt academically, linguistically, and culturally to boarding school routines, rules, and expectations

Placement Services

Students are assisted in completing application forms and are guided through the university/college application process, ensuring that they apply to the post-secondary programs that are most suited to their goals in their desired university/college.

24/7 Supervision

In addition to residential teachers and live-in staff, our headmaster resides on campus.